Freshly launched in 2015, House of Maiden is an inclusive, hand-crafted jewellery brand.

Fusing the influence of years of experience & expertise on the bench from London’s most renowned jewellery mecca, Hatton Garden, with a vibrant, disruptive, and fresh new-take on premium jewellery design & production.

Designers, partners and creative collaborators Si Belson & Schoph Schophield’s eponymous jewellery collection offers unique & bespoke jewellery, all designed, created & crafted in-house in the heart of London’s bustling jewellery trade.

With its roots firmly entrenched in art, music and snowboarding, English artist Schoph Schophield & jewellery designer Si Belson have united their shared passions in creativity.

Specializing in premium, heavy silver-wares, fine jewellery and other precious metals, House of Maiden places an emphasis on precision and quality in-house production.

Welcome to the House of Maiden…